The Spring 2023 Yoga Teacher Training

We have listened, after many requests, it is happening!

This will be the only Teacher Training offered through Elements in Powell River, a rare opportunity for our city.

How good would it feel to dive deeply into your Yoga practice with a powerful group walking this life changing path with you?

This program is all about balancing the technical with the energetic. Evidence based practice with the mystery of spirit. 

Offering the ancient methods of Yoga in a small class size with highly experienced teachers. The goal of developing talented Yoga Teachers through a proper initiation into the Yogic path.

“My Yoga Training many years ago is the greatest gift I have ever gave myself, it opened up levels of healing and vitality I never knew existed, opened up doors to a whole new career and service to the world, there would be no Elements Movement without my initiation into Yoga.” –  Andrew Dow

Whether you are yearning to teach, want to use Yoga in your work or home, or looking to immerse yourself in the transformation wisdom of Yoga, this training is for you.


“Robyn and Andrew’s unwavering belief in each of their students and their continued support and encouragement beyond the program is a true testament to their passion. I am eternally grateful to them.”

"In learning you will teach, in teaching you will learn. The way to mastery is through sharing with others."

Phase 1:

Start the journey toward being a yoga teacher! Each day will be filled with diversity, deep learning, and fun. In your initial 30-hours of the training, we set the foundations for you becoming an incredible yoga teacher. Yoga practices are woven into each day, along with interactive workshops on anatomy, alignment, yoga philosophy, and teaching methodology. You will learn about the evolution of yoga over its history, key philosophy, and many of the vital teachings passed down through the lineages of Yoga.

Phase 2:

Deepen your knowledge of anatomy, learn how to adjust and modify poses for optimal alignment, health concerns, and Yoga for special populations. You will learn how to construct smart, safe, and inspiring yoga classes, while developing your own style and flare in teaching. 

We will dive deeper into Yogic philosophy, looking at the chakra system and Ayurveda. You will learn more challenging yoga poses and learn alignment principles that will revolutionize your practice. 

Phase 3:

In the final portion of your training, you will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to step into your full potential as a yoga teacher. In this retreat-style immersion, you will explore the many styles of yoga (yin, restorative, prenatal, power, acro) and how/when to weave them into your classes. While we teach more advanced topics and skills, we also encourage personal growth, reflection and development as we use the 5-day retreat to embrace the yoga lifestyle and celebrate your journey to becoming an incredible 200-hour yoga teacher. 

“The first evening of the yoga teacher training, everyone was strangers and feeling nervous. Within a day, we were all chatting like old friends. By the end of the 200-hours, I felt like I had created a whole new family. I am leaving the yoga teacher training with so much knowledge, and best of all, a community of like-minded friends.”

Your Teachers for the Program

Dr. Robyn Land is a naturopathic doctor, the owner of Local Health Integrative Clinic in East Vancouver and co-facilitator for SomaSpirit Yoga. She has been teaching yoga for close to 2 decades and loves to help people have those lovely “ah hah” moments on their yoga mats. 

Owner and Teacher at Elements Movement, Andy Dow is a Medical Qi-Gong Practitioner, Teacher at SomaSpirit Yoga and Integral Master Coach. 

Specializing in the Internal and Movement Arts, Andy uses his expertise in the ancient teachings of transformation to serve the community he is blessed to be apart of.

“Robyn and Andrew make every minute of Yoga Teacher Training fun and captivating. Both offer valuable insight and appreciation for the yoga journey and experience. I came into teacher training ready to learn the depths of asanas, and I left with so much more understanding and excitement on the world and lifestyle of yoga. I am so proud to have them pass their knowledge onto me and to become a part of the lineage of yoga through these amazing teachers.”

The 2023 Yoga Teacher Training

Training Dates:

Days run from 8am to 6pm

April 14-16

April 28-30

May 12-14

May 26-28

June 8-12



Three payments of $1398 

5% Discount if paid in full**

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. 

The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandala


With graduation of the program you will be a fully certified Yoga Teacher, recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

*If you have already completed a YTT and would like to sit in on the program as a refresher please contact us for more info.

To Register or if you have any questions please contact Andy at [email protected] or through phone at 604-319-7013

Check out these videos to see the program is right for you ↓