About Us

Unlock Your Potential

What is Elements Movement?

Elements Movement calls the classic BMO building located in the Historic Townsite of Powell River home. This unique facility blends the historic building, neighborhood, and old school equipment, with the latest in proven techniques, physical methods and philosophies regarding performance, health and wellness.


Why learn at Elements Movement?

Our perspective is wide, and we teach instead of instruct. We harness the best techniques from a variety of disciplines and methods to deliver what works. We lead from the front, practice what we preach and stand shoulder to shoulder with every unique student.


What makes Elements Movement different?

Our approach is quality first, establishing a foundation for each student so their journey at Elements is safe, effective and allows for progressions and advancement. It’s easy to see that a house built on a foundation of sand won’t work. We help students in establishing a foundation of proper movement patterns, range of motion, baseline strength and body wisdom. To progress towards your goals and have them be sustainable and solid instead of falling through your fingertips like a handful of sand.


What do we appreciate in the members of Elements Movement?


The willingness to embrace ‘beginners mind’.

To support and be supported by the ‘tribe’ of the studio.

To develop a relationship with your body, listening for signs of too much or not enough.

A commitment to yourself.

And most importantly… embrace the silliness, fun, weird and joy that is life as a Human Being.

Andrew Dow

Andrew is a passionate student and teacher of the body and mind. His journey has led him to numerous disciplines from many inspiring teachers. 

He is a lead facilitator at SomaSpirit Yoga Teacher Training Medical Qiand is a certified Integral Master Coach™ . He spends his time out in Lund with his young family enjoying this beautiful part of the world.

Melissa Dow

Melissa (sister of Andrew) is inspired by our ability to feel greater vitality and connection to our body’s through movement, breath work & self-reflection.

She is a registered 200hr yoga teacher, prenatal yoga teacher and wellness counsellor. She is passionate about weaving these modalities together so we can feel more at home in body and mind. She has facilitated for youth groups, women’s events and addiction centres as well as one on one.

Melissa moved to Powell River with her partner in 2016 and has been falling more in love with this coastal town every day. When not rolling around on her mat, she’s getting nerdy about herbal medicine, creating art & exploring this beautiful piece of the planet.



Clara Song

Clara is passionate about the entire journey we call “life.” At a pivotal moment in her life, she recognized that she wished to transform her experience of life. To live with more freedom in the body and mind.

To live with more love. 

Her path to this over many years has come through the sacred teachings and practices of yoga and ultimately deep self reflection and observation. Her deepest wish is to share something from this practice that brings a deeper awareness to the path of your own heart.


Leyna Roenspies

Leyna is a perpetual student of life who seeks to enjoy all that being present can bring.
Yoga has been a central part of her life through a variety of athletic, creative and professional pursuits.  She’s practiced a variety of yogic modalities in various locations for nearly 20 years culminating in receipt of her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.  She provides a warm and friendly alignment focused practice with plenty of modifications, humor and curiosity in each of her classes. 
When she’s not practicing yoga, she enjoys the many outdoor activities Powell River has to offer.

Terri Cramb

Terri’s been involved in some aspect of healthy living for most of her life. From a young age she was always on the move and a fitness career seemed like a natural path to follow. 

She started out as more of a mover & a shaker, channeling her copious amounts of energy into more intense activities like Bootcamp & other high-energy fitness classes. After 30 years of focusing mainly on fitness she came to yoga seeking balance to the rigors of physical activity and daily life. ‘If my health journey is smorgasbord, my yoga practice is the dessert. 

It is a healing practice that allows me to stretch over-used muscles, strengthen under-used areas of my body, quiet my busy, busy mind and experience a greater awareness of my Self, physically, mentally, and soulfully.’

Terri draws on her experience as a BCRPA Fitness Leader & Weight Trainer, RYT200 Yoga Teacher and IIN Health Coach to create classes that offer a balance of movement & mobility, strength & stretch, breath & awareness, effort & ease. Terri’s classes offer a warm and welcoming space that meets you where you’re at.