If you have 15 mins a day.


We have the remedy to ditch the aches and pains. To bring the confidence in your posture for the years to come.


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This course is how you change your posture.
We wanted to create a course that can help you with the nagging pains of a the hours we spend sitting or spent at our screens.
And Lets face it, you don’t have the time to search through 1000’s of exercises, and forget paying big $$$ for private sessions.

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 What is the Free Your Posture Online Course?


 – Sustained change is what we are after, not year after year of being stuck with nagging pains

 – Access to the Free Your Posture live Video series

 – Easy access to all the material and videos

 – We have the practices that work, no BS, no time wasted. 

 – Practice Safely Designed for the trouble areas (low back, shoulders, neck, hips, spine)

 + Bonus Section ‘The Spirit of Practice’


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My headaches went away! This is epic. I didnt realize how much tension i held in my neck and upper back.
- Cindy M
I have been practicing these videos daily with my daughter, we find so much relaxation from them. Thank you!
- Abbey P