If you have 20 mins a day for a month. We can help change the aches, pains, and the confidence of your posture for years to come.



We believe our bodies are amazingWe also believe that we so often take them for granted.


For so many of us our days our spent in chairs or hunched in front of a screen.


The daily reminder of an achey back, shoulders and neck, the shock when we see our posture in a picture.


The truth is we have one body, and it has to last a long time, and gravity is not going to give us a break.


Luckily our bodies aren’t concrete. They can change and adapt with the right process and effort. 


And lets face it, a posture full of freedom, is damn beautiful and radiates confidence.


We recently had a student share how he no longer has any of his chronic tension headaches he used to get while working at his desk.


Another, mother of a 3 kids and all the business that comes with, shared how her shoulders no longer have sharp pinches of pain in them. 


And another shared how she thought all this time she knew what a deep breath was, until she open up her posture and then began to access her full breath, and what wonders it did for her anxiety.


As you know changing your posture is so much more than just a set of exercises to follow. Its a journey, so worth the reward.




What you will get out of the Freeing Your Posture Challenge

– Daily Video Challenges designed specifically for Freeing your Posture

– Live Video Classes for you to dive deeper into your understanding of posture

– Video breakdowns of all the movements and exercises

– A holistic approach to posture as it is much more than just your muscles and joints

– Access to all the videos so you can practice even after the challenge is over



The Details

The Posture Challenge begins on Sept 15th and goes until Oct 15th.

You will receive an email prior to the start date with all the Zoom links, further information and how to access the Video Libraries.

There is a 45 min live weekly Zoom class Wednesdays at 9:15 am PST, (Don’t worry if you cant make the live class all of the classes will be recorded and sent your way)

Each week there will be a new set of video challenges to follow along, as well as videos to break down and understand all of the movement so you can practice them confidently.

As well as the challenge videos there will be videos to dive deeper into your understanding of your posture ranging from topics of anatomy to how our posture effects our relationships and communication. You will have access to all of the video until the end of the year.



How to Sign up!

Click the Button Below and Select the Free Your Posture Challenge from the purchase options that follow. The Deadline for sign up is Sept 15th!

** The Free Your Posture Challenge is included for all Elements Online Members