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Are you starved, eating the same food day after day, week after week, dining down on sugar or do you have nutrition that is balanced, natural, and varied?

In a term coined by the teacher Ido Portal, Movement Nutrition gives us a unique lens to view how we move our bodies and approach our practices.

The idea is just like quality food, movement is also nutrition for the body and our wellbeing. Movement effects every system within the body, from digestion, to skeletal, it affects our mental states, even our capacity to learn and change.

When we look at the nutrition of food we all know it’s not wise to cram in your meal all at once forgetting to chew, starving yourself on a fast for months, only eating the same food day after day, or chowing down on a meal full of sugar from poor sources. This all makes perfect sense when we look at food, yet when we shift these same principles over to our physical practices we often fall into these same mistakes…

Following the same gym routine day after day expecting different results.
Stuck on the couch for months on a movement fast, then get inspired and cram in as much as we can wondering why the body hurts.

Or try to draw as much nutrition out of a sugary youtube workout video, that leaves us feeling full yet lacking in nutrients, void of any personalized teachings and progressions.

If movement is nutrition are you thriving?

The next question arises.

Do you have the ability to swallow, digest and absorb the nutrients of movement?

Just like how we can focus on gut health, and probiotic-rich foods to support digestion, learning and challenging our selves with new movement takes support and intention to ‘swallow, digest and absorb’…

Realizing that practice doesn’t stop once you walk out the door, digestion and absorption of the nutrients happen through rest, mindfulness, and patience.

Embracing the fundamentals of how your body moves so you know how to chew and swallow new techniques and the uncertainties of what life throws at you.

Learning how to learn. Creating an orientation to your practices that focus on a long-term commitment with a playful approach to explore unique practices and techniques. An orientation of ‘beginners mind’ to stay curious, avoid burnout and stay present.

We each have the gift of our one amazing body that often goes neglected until it’s too late. The nutrition is out there for you to thrive, all it takes is that willingness to take that first step, over and over and over.

Eat well.

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