How to make your Yoga, Fitness and Excersice goals stick!

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Sustained embodied change is as rare as a spotted zebra, yet most of us are after that elusive creature as we seek change in our lives. The drive to live a healthier lifestyle, a craving to be a more open and caring partner, the wish for strength to stand confident and proud. We all have our unique dreams and our similar struggles, and on the path to sustained change we often forget the most important piece, are we even ready, open, and willing for change to happen?

The action of change is readily available for us, whether it be in classes, groups, or nutrition, there is a vast array of services at our disposal. However sustained change demands more than just action. The gut is punched when one realizes that deep change ripples out to all the hidden corners of your life, nothing is left untouched.

When we look at nutrition, people are starting to realize that it is not just the food that matters, but how well you digest and utilize the food you are eating. The benefits from healthy food depend on our ability to digest and absorb it. Stress, how you eat, gut health, and your state of being all play a massive role in healthy eating.

The same applies for creating change in the body. If all we focus on is what exercise to do, but forget that the body has to digest, absorb, and utilize those exercises, we are only receiving a small portion of potential benefits. When we exercise, we stress the body and then the adaptation begins. So much emphasis is put on the stress (what exercise to do) and often the adaptation within the body is forgotten.

Let’s jump ahead to the bigger picture. How do you create sustained change in your life?

Everywhere you look, the food, exercises, and practices are being thrown at you, but what is missing is how to digest the new actions, absorb changes and utilize new capabilities.

Instead of just seeking out the next action to take, have a look inwards.

Do you have a powerful purpose to fuel the action?

Is there time and space to patiently digest?

Is your mind open and unlatched from the past enough to be able to absorb the possibilities and insights of change?

Is there a willingness to stumble on unfamiliar ground while you step into new ways of living?

The journey from the first steps to sustained change takes patience, openness, and a willingness to humbly look inward, much more than just generic exercises.

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