How the Hummingbird teaches us to be a badass

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The hummingbird can flap its wings up to 80 times per second, can rotate its wings in figure 8’s, hover and fly backwards, the laws of physics seems to be defied, the hummingbird is a badass.

The hummingbird is an outsider, a rebel, it doesn’t fit in with the other birds. It’s doing its own thing, hovering instead of flying, and sipping on sweet nectar.

The spirit of the hummingbird is inside each one of us, the call to be bold, march our own path, to do the impossible.

Unfortunately our biology has other plans, plans to keep us safe, to distract us with temporary sensory pleasure, the old programming in our cells scream at us to stay on the couch and to keep filling our mouths with food pleasure.

Transcending our biology, moving beyond resistance is where magic happens. We all have dreams, goals, and intentions, they all sit on the other side of resistance, where that badass hummingbird flies.

Our biology served us well when we had no supermarkets to keep us fed, when mating was once essential to our survival, and when fear of the unknown and unfamiliar kept us alive.

When we plan to workout and don’t, strive to eat healthy and don’t, have our dreams on the drawing board yet take no action, it is resistance, our biology trying to keep us ‘safe’.

Our precious life is to short to let anyone, anything, or even our own biology tell us we can’t do the impossible. The world doesn’t need more people who just think the impossible is possible, it needs people who take action towards it. The nectar of life is on the other side of resistance where the badass hummingbird flies.


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