Fruit Trees

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This time of year they are a treasure. Nutritious candy of the earth.

What we don’t see is the one who planted them knowing it would take years before there would be any flavor to savor, often a half-decade before any harvest.

During those first years, just because there is no fruit doesn’t mean you don’t care for the trees and give up on them. Rather time is taken to feed the young trees’ water and nutrients, tend to their growth and have faith the fruit will one day come.

The practices that bear the great fruit take time. Often years of patient consistent practice. Understanding the mind, connecting with the subtlety of the body, exploring the depth of the breath.

These practices are easy to give up on, it is one of the many lessons of them. We fall into the impatient trap and treat them like a fruit tree in month 3 of growth, notice there is no fruit and abandon.

Those with eyes that see far ahead know. Plant seeds with patience, and consistently tend to the growth.

Enjoy your harvest.

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