Don’t take your Body for Granted!

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Seats numbing our asses, screen stimulation rounding our spines, communication without having to move, our bodies are paying a toll for convenience. The shadow of excess comfort is fragility, a serious price to pay.

The abused comfort of having any food, at any time is seen all around us.

The stiff, pain-ridden bodies from decades of sitting like statues can be witnessed in the stiff joints of our bodies.

Constantly giving into the short-term by avoiding conversations, change, and effort locks us into self-inflicted cages of comfort.

We are not made of porcelain, with pressure, and challenge we adapt. This is the very essence of changing the body. With the right dosage, we adapt. This also works in the opposite direction with a constant dosage of comfort and convenience, the body will adapt to the instantly gratified stressed out sloth lifestyle.

It smacks you with a crystal clear slap, during a doctors visit after decades of comfort, that preventative action would have been much easier, cheaper, and less time consuming than the price to pay for a convenient life.

Our bodies are one of the greatest gifts we are given, don’t take it for granted.

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