Elements Online

“Thank you for today. There was a moment where I woke up and returned home. Everything looked new. ” – Wendy R


“DUDE! You rock That was just what we needed” – Jim B


Join us online for our weekly classes!


The Schedule:


All Classes are recorded and available Elements Online Members for 48 hours after the live airing.


Mondays – All levels yoga with Melissa at 9

Wednesdays – All levels yoga with Andrew at 9

Fridays – All levels yoga with Melissa at 9

Sundays – The Sunday Session Yoga with Andrew at 9


(The Sunday Session will be a community class, it is free and everyone is welcome to join)


Pop Up Classes, Guest Teachers, Deep Dives and Community Gatherings:


Everyweek we craft up extra classes and goodies for all Elements Online Members.

From Interviews with Meditation Experts, to Yoga classes custom desgined for sleep, BodyWeight Strength and Conditioning Courses, and community challenges there is always something fresh and new to keep you connected and curious.


How it works:


Elements Online Membership – $29 reoccurring every two weeks, sign up once and you are good to go, sign up can be done be heading to No contract or restrictions, feel free to cancel at any time. Upon sign up you will recieve a welcome email and we will send you all the Links, Deatails and Schedule for Elements Online. 

*If you are in any sort of financial strain, no questions asked you can have full access for free.

This membership gets you full access to all of the live classes, and extra pop-up classes and online workshops. Every Friday we will send out the links to all of the classes for the upcoming week. And you will get direct email access to us and Elements so if you have any questions you have a direct line.

Classes will be held on the Zoom platform. Zoom is a great platform for everyone to connect and follow along with the classes. Upon signing up we will send you all the details to best navigate using Zoom so you can have a smooth experience with online classes.

To purchase a membership either message or email to say you want access, or you can also log onto zen planner through our website at and register yourself through there.


What we’re creating and our mission:


We are looking forward to creating some special classes, bringing in guest teachers and trying out new ways to be creative with this opportunity to learn and practice online. If you have any suggestions or ideas please let us know as we are treating this as a co-creative process, we can all get our hands on the soft clay as we shape Elements Online.

 Please help to spread the word about what we are up to with Elements Online and invite others who you feel would benefit and enjoy this. We strongly believe in the gift of a community that practices together, that supports each other in showing up for their own wellbeing, and how that can ripple out and have amazing impacts on the world around us. Our mission is to offer a home for connection, health and calm.


“This was so awesome, thank you so much. I’ve really missed the community that you guys have created, it was great to see you all. As always in life, you don’t appreciate how important and special something is to you until it’s gone, albeit temporarily. Can’t wait for the next session” – David S

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