A letter to myself

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Begin young Yogi. The fear you have inside is your compass, it points to possibilities. The cross of the river, the climb of the mountain. 

What if the hardship, the effort, the suffering is just a test, a filter to make sure you have what it takes to move forward? The windstorm testing the forest to expose shallow roots.

You will be asked to shed your skin like a serpent many times over. The tighter your grip on your identity the harder it will be ripped from your hands. Let the current take you.

You are not alone on this journey, yet your path is walked solo. What heals you may poison another. The many masks of certainty will tempt you, they are only a thin layer of ice to stand on, wisdom comes from one’s own patient curios distilling.

There will be many time you fall off the path. Be kind, be patient, have faith.

Begin once again young Yogi.

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